ISTEC puts its teaching resources at the service of companies and their personnel by offering further education courses in different areas of expertise:

  • Marketing
  • Commercial development
  • Management, personal development
  • Administration

The training courses are built to measure in accordance with individual or collective problems.

Wer look forward to accompanying you in your professional training projects.

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Company Relations and Further education Assistant: j.to@istec.fr


ISTEC offers professionals one year of further education, delivered in conjunction with our partner ENIM – Metz National School of Engineers.

This training which leads to a Master’s qualification allows students to develop four skills:

  • capacity for strategic diagnosis of logistical problems
    • technical skill based on knowledge of and practice in using the tools and methods of the profession
    • managerial skill in organisation of the job and operational services
    • an aptitude for systematic thinking and interfacing with other key positions in the company


Duration of the training

  • One year of training
  • Five days of classes per month
  • 400 hours
  • 60 ECTS credits


5 industry certifications
It also directly addresses the needs of companies and prepares students for five industry certifications:

  • Basics of Supply Chain Management (Certification: BASICS – Benchmark: APICS)
  • Lean Supply Chain Green Belt
  • SyncFlows (Synchronisation of Supply Chain flows – Kanban and pull flow methods)
  • AFAV (Value Analysis)
  • PMP: Project Management Professional (Benchmark: PMI: Project Management Institute)

Target group:
Any professional holding a minimum of a Bac+3 or a Bac+2 with at least five years of professional experience.
Cost of the training: 13,000 Euros
How can you fund your Master’s in Supply Chain Management
It is possible, depending on your status, to obtain different types of assistance.

For employees:
• Funding by the company via the training plan or the CPF (Personal Training Account)
• Funding through the company contribution collection bodies (OPACIF, Fongecif, etc.)

For jobseekers:
• Possible funding by the Regional Council
• Possible funding by Pôle Emploi (French employment office)

Admission procedure:
• Download the application pack
• The candidate completes his application and returns it to ISTEC
• The application is jointly examined with ENIM
• The result of the application is issued as soon as possible
• Admissible candidates are called to an interview


Training leading to a qualification – Commercial Relations Expert

ISTEC and PRAXION, two key players in training and consultation services, have combined their expertise to offer a programme leading to a qualification over the period of 6 days (42 hours of training) specifically aimed at commercial relations professionals wishing to become experts in this field.


The FFP (Professional Training Federation) certification accredits training know-how and attests to your command of the profession of Commercial Relations Expert.

From canvassing to defending your margins to concluding your sale, why wait any longer? Take the opportunity to consolidate your command of the sales process.

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Learn to develop the skills and increase the motivation of your block release staff

Two 4-hour training modules to master the basics of block release training and management and develop your leadership skills.

Duration of training:
In-service training divided into two independent 4-hour modules. Total of eight hours’ professional training held at Campus ISTEC, (128 Quai de Jemmapes – 75010 Paris).

Target group:
Professionals in charge of putting together, training, supervising and tutoring new staff in a company (employees, interns and block-release staff).
Please note: a tutor appointed by the company to train block release staff must have a minimum of two years’ professional experience and may tutor up to three members of staff under a block release arrangement (professional training contract, apprenticeship contract, etc.).

Two 4-hour training modules to master the basics of block release training and management and to develop your leadership skills.

Why do tutor training:
Important: A tutor is a compulsory requirement within a company for block release staff on a professional training contract or an employment integration contract (law of 5 March 2014, in force since 28 August 2014). In the context of a professional training contract, tutor training is becoming compulsory in certain sectors (ancillary activities, transport, etc.). With this training, your company enables tutors to exercise their role of trainer with the appropriate managerial tools.

How to fund your tutor training
Cost of the training: 600 Euros
Your OPCA (Accredited Joint Fund Collection Body) may pay up to €15 per hour to fund tutor training.
The expenses linked to being a tutor can be covered by the OPCA: for a maximum period of six months, up to a limit of €230 per month and per employee on a contract or period of professional training. This monthly limit of €230 is increased by 50% when the person giving the tutoring is 45 years of age or over or is mentoring a person mentioned in Article L. 6325-1-1 of the Labour Code.


Personal development – Reveal your talents as a speaker and leader

Choose from 4 independent modules or do them all in a 4-day workshop

A training course which alternates theory with practice (scenario simulation).
A individualised approach to improve the assimilation of content for each trainee.

  • Develop your leadership, galvanise a team
    • Enjoy public speaking and do it successfully
    • Overcome your stress and make yourself understood
    • Lead and facilitate a meeting

Trainer: Hélène GODEC
Actress, coach, expert in oral communication

For over ten years, oral communication coach Hélène GODEC has been training a great number of directors and teams of international companies and French institutions, as well as individuals.
She leads personal development training sessions as part of ISTEC’s further education programmes. She has also held oral and theatrical expression workshops with ISTEC students for many years.


Learn to improve staff’s skills and motivation.

Choose from 4 independent modules or do them all in a 4-day workshop, in English or in French.

  • Develop your managerial approach: assert yourself within all the managerial roles: Definition of the role and function of manager: giving direction, assisting, providing guidance, listening, etc.
  • Conduct an individual interview more effectively: Improve performance and motivation, even in a situation of tension
  • Coach staff: use a manager’s coaching tools
  • Facilitate change within your team: Foster a sense of belonging to encourage a positive dynamic.

Trainer – Susan CORTESE
(Consultant, coach, expert in communication, interpersonal relationships and leadership)