Directeur Général

ISTEC has risen to the top of the best post A-Levels business schools as underlined in the reference magazine called ‘l’Etudiant’ (The Students). This Is mainly thanks to the entrepreneur incubator, the published work of the research-professors’ team, the pedagogical quality of the cursus, our relationship with companies and finding work for our degree-holders.

Thanks to all our members, we shall continue this development during 2017 : the students, the teachers and professors, the ISTEC team, the Board of Directors, the Scientific and Strategic Orientation Board, our partner companies and degree-holders. All of this leads to a successful professional integration of our students.

This development can only be carried out with the support of the companies which are our partners and with which we use the learning tax. We count on you in 2017 to be even more involved !

I would like to wish you again, a very happy New Year.