ISTEC is developing its training in VWE – Validation of Work Experience

ISTEC is offering the opportuning of obtaining a Bachelor A-Levels+3 degree and a Master A-Levels+5 degree through a VWE : Validation of Work Experience.

The VWE at any age, can boost a career and have your professional experience acknowledged in order to obtain a degree. At Istec, getting a VWE means developing employabity and also integrating and benefiting from the Istec network.

ISTEC has a partnership with ‘Le Bon Agent’, a network of real-estate agencies. The objective is to offer a VWE to obtain a specialized degree from Istec : « Strategies and Real Estate Career », becoming a Real Estate agent, with the official professional card.

The  ‘Bon Agent’ was set up by  Claude-Olivier Bonnet, founder of the ‘Le Bon Agent’ network,  and an expert in this area for more than 15 years. This VWE specialization corresponds to a real professional necessity in the field of property. Nowadays, to become part of a large group or set up an agency, it is mandatory to have trained in  Management, Marketing and Business.

Since January 2017, ISTEC  also offers a VWE specialization : «Operational Management and Team Strategy’, which is the very proof that our school is hearing the needs of companies.


Interview : Valérie Vital
Why did you choose to do a VWE ?
I decided to do this to have my professional experience recognised. Also, I felt the need for a degree, with a precise strategy behind this-to enable entry to the Boards of Directors. This is easier to do with a Master’s degree.


How did you hear about the ISTEC VWE ?
My husband has been working for several years teaching Negotiating in English at Istec.

What degree did you do in  VWE ?
The Master degree- A-Levels +5.

Did the VWE meet your expectations ?
Yes, it was an intense and wonderful time. It was difficult to go back studying but the help from Mr. Thierry Boquet, on various subjects, new learning and thinking strategies was really important for me.

What did getting your degree mean to you ?
It was a huge source of satisfaction ; firstly for the work done, the joy of my professional experience being recognized and the perspective of acheiving my objectives. Lastly, it meant anchoring my professional position and pride in my success !

Have your position and missions changed since ?
My position is the same but my missions have evolved and I regularly use my new knowledge in my work, which is a feather to my cap, so to speak !

Have you changed jobs or companies ?
No, I am still co-manager of my company, which was set up in 2004,  but I have been able to enlarge my know-how and proposions on the theme of my dissertation which was « What tools and strategies to use to succeed buying international products while minimising the risks and loyalising international partners ?».

Would you advise your colleagues, family  and friends to do a VWE ?
Yes, absolutely ! I strongly advise them to do so. Whenever we talk about this, I underline the positive points, even though it is a very personal choice in the end.

Would you recommend the VWE at Istec ?
Indeed, with pleasure. I met so many open-minded and involved peole while I was there.

Do you think this VWE will bring the changes and opportunies you were hoping for ?
Yes. Certainly. My strategy is the same, making new offers to my clients and breaking into the Boards of Directors.

How do you see your career in 3 or even 10 years time ?
The main point is the development of my business. ; through diversifying my activity in France and abroad. Obtaining my degree was a basic part of this afore-said strategy.

What memories will you keep of this experience ?
Long hours of work after a long working day, support from people helping me, fear of the exams and then that special flavour of success and pride in the end.

Lastly, I see the beginning of a new experience after my time at Istec and its network, which goes to show how strong the links become during the VWE and even more….

Valérie Vital
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