Julie JAMET (ISTEC 2004), Marketing and Communication Manager at Claudie Pierlot (EN)

What has been your professional work since ISTEC ?

I started way down on the ladder as a press assistant at Paco Rabanne. Thanks to my personal network, I had the opportunity to hear about this position and immediatly seized my chance to make my dream come true : that of working in the fashion industry. You must realize that in 2004 sites like Fashion Job and others were not really developed. Thus, it was a lot harder and far more difficult and opportunities were rare. The brand changed a lot over 3 years and these years for me have been positive, going up the ladder to the position of press representative and later head of licensed projects.

In 2007, I joined the Maje brand as head of marketing and communication projects. A lovely experience. Everthing had to be invented. I had to create a model of what a marketing and communication department would be like for an average brand. In 2013, the SMCP group allowed me to evolve again giving me the management of marketing and communication at Claudie Pierlot. After 4 years, the group made me the marketing manager of 3 brands based in Pacific Asia. So, I am preparing to go to Hong Kong with my family to start in April 2017.

Make a presentation of your company and your position. 

Claudie Pierlot set up in the 80’s selling ladies wear at an affordable price, called « aux petites femmes de Paris ». At the time, fashion was large shoulders and straight waisted. The Mugler and Montana style dominated the market. Claudie Pierlot was very successful in the 90’s with its babydoll little dresses, its cardigans, its sea tops, chic, elegant and relaxed, and its fluid and feminine shapes.

In 2009, Claudie Pierlot was taken over by the Smcp group, the brand being bought by its shareholders and the founders of Maje and Sandro. Claudie Pierlot died in the meantime. The Smcp group has 3 brands, Sandro, Maje and Claudie Pierlot and is the leader today in affordable luxury wear.

My position has several objectives : gaining brand visibility on all markets, increasing trafic to our sales stores and brand image in our public speaking and developed resorts .I am backed up by a team of ten people : a team of visual merchandising, head of retail marketing projects, head of marketing development projects and a graphist.

What advice would you give to our students and young degree-holders ?

Students will encounter strong competition from other students from different schools. You must develop your own talents to make the difference. I actually mean personal listening qualities, reactivity, strenght. Learning side by side with professionals, understanding the stakes, what’s happening behind the words, what your N° 1 expects from you and be faster, are the keys to success. Don’t say ‘it’s not my job’…Basically, throw yourself into every part. Those who know how to become indispensible with intelligence and discretion will win. The personality, the behaviour, these fundamental qualities are just as important as the knowledge acquired during studies.

What are your best memories of ISTEC ?

Mainly the trips to Italy with Jean-Pierre MONGON, Director of the MBA Luxury partnerships and the courses on the History of Art by Séverin RACENET.

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