The Isteciens also had their elections !   

Whether it was the Promotion Office of Istec or the Students’ Office, each team had to manager replacment. If the POI was carried out by recrutement,  the SO took place like a real presidential campaign : 5 days to convince students to vote for them.

Their mission ? Convince the assembly that they were capable of organizing major student events at Istec such as the integration week-end, skiing vacations, Christmas week, Halloween and so on…. It was a very good humored week thanks to the lists called The Shuriken (president : Mohamed MAHI) and The Guardians (president : Grégoire LEPETIT) who animated several debates, organized many activities for the students and made a great party atmosphere on the campus.

A great experience in learning by looking for sponsors, managing the budget and also making a video of the campaign that was broadcasted and viewed by the former students involved and others.

The Guardians won after this busy campaign ….all fairplay !

Congratulations to you all !