Associations Office (BDA)
Association life is split into several main areas and is coordinated by the BDA, which trains, advises and finances all of the student associations of ISTEC.

ISTEC Promotion Office (BPI)
The BPI is in charge of promotion of the school. It assists students at various events: shows, forums, exams, open days and certificate award ceremonies. This association forms the link between ISTEC candidates and ISTEC students. It is with the BPI that first contact is made with the ISTEC family.

Student Union (BDE)
A team is elected every year by ISTEC students to lead ISTEC student life for a mandate of one year. A weekend of forming teams, attending functions, cultural and sports events and many other surprises!

The Gala Association
The Gala Association consists of around ten students from different school years. They are in charge of organising the most prestigious event of the year, which honours the previous year’s graduates. An evening celebrating sharing, with over 600 guests: lecturers, graduates and students come together to enjoy an unforgettable evening in an exceptional setting.

ISTEC Pôle Vie (Centre for Life)
Pôle Vie coordinates and leads non-sport-related association life through humanitarian work, travel, conferences and evening functions. In total, around 13 associations set the pace of ISTEC student life through events, receptions and other gatherings.

ISTEC Pôle Vie incorporates:

Humanistec: ISTEC’s humanitarian association promotes solidarity, generosity and helping others, by organising different humanitarian campaigns throughout the year.

Istec Conférence: Whether the audience is made up of students, professionals or interested third parties, ISTEC Conférence’s mission is to inform by regularly offering encounters with key professionals. The programme involves exchanges and debates.

Istec destinations: As well as organising a trip every year, the association also helps students to choose and prepare their semesters abroad.

Istec sans frontières: The ISTEC 4L Trophy association. Every year, a number of teams set off on this fun adventure in 4L Renault cars, on a journey from Paris to Marrakech which combines pleasure with a humanitarian cause.

I See You: ISTEC’s photography and video association holds and organises photography competitions as well as producing reports on life at ISTEC. Introduction to the art of photography and video editing.

Harmony: Music association, bringing together amateurs and accomplished musicians with various musical styles for beautiful and surprising performances.

Wine Not: Association introducing the art of oenology, our country’s heritage.

Ishake: Association for discovering and tasting cocktails.

Icook: Association for tasting homemade pastries worthy of the finest chefs.

Istec Poker: Introduces students to the game of poker and organises tournaments.

Istec Store: Creators and designers produce clothing and accessories with the “Istec” brand name.

La Rumeur: The association reports on ISTEC life and its events using different media.

Pôle Sport
Pôle Sports is a group of sports-related associations. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a complete novice, we offer you a very warm welcome and invite you to share in some fantastic experiences to promote the image of ISTEC throughout France.
In addition to the associations presented below, we help you keep in shape thanks to our partnerships with sports centres and more occasional events such as parachute jumps or karting championships.

Pôle Sport incorporates:

IstecSails: This association organises the Edhec Yacht Race. This is a week-long competition which brings together students from across France. With sailing, endurance feats and group sport on dry land, there is something for all tastes! You have no excuse not to wear our colours during the biggest sporting event of the year!

IstecSand: This association organises the LR Beach Cup. The “LR” is a sports competition held over a weekend. The bravest among us sleep in tents, rise at the first light of day to proudly wear our colours and win as many trophies as possible during the competition!

University tournaments:  Whether you are male or female, a fan of football or tennis, there is something for everyone! Our many captains and leaders will warmly welcome you into their team every Thursday afternoon in order to put you against the other schools and universities of the Paris region.