Preparing young professionals for taking on responsibilities, enabling them to acquire skills relating to their personal and professional career plans, expanding the breadth of their cultural references and thus enhancing their personal development: these are the main lines adopted by ISTEC education.

They derive from the premise that, for everyone, “knowledge”, “expertise” and “interpersonal skills” are inseparable in the pursuit of success. When students enter at Baccalaureate level, this creates very favourable conditions for the establishment of an active form of education, resulting in personal growth and a spirit of autonomy.

In keeping with its historic values, ISTEC endeavours to balance the learning of technical skills (command of methodological tools, an appetite for well-executed work, entrepreneurial spirit) and the development of human qualities (listening, cultural openness). In addition, each student is provided with guidance to put together their professional career plan following a specific, rigorous approach.

The school teaching staff, with a multidisciplinary core of permanent lecturers, is made up of:

  • lecturer-researchers and permanent lecturers, holding a PhD or higher education degrees,
  • lecturers and professionals from the business world: experienced executives, consultants and company heads.

There is therefore a continuous association of a “knowledge-based” approach and theoretical training thanks to the presence of leading academic advisors, and a “job-based” approach through on-the-field activities and the involvement of professional experts.