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Established in 1961 on the initiative of Pierre HAZEBROUCQ, founder and permanent secretary of the Commercial Sciences Academy, Founders of the commercial leaders of France, ISTEC is managed by a not-for-profit association under the 1901 law, ADEC (Association for the Development of Business Education and Management), the majority of whose directors are ISTEC graduates.




Managing Director


Director of Development - France and International


Director of Research

Véronique DARMON

Director of Teaching

Géraldine ERNST

Company Relations Director
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Director of the Admissions and the Communication

The members of ADEC’s Board of Directors take an active, committed and generous role in choosing the directions the school takes and in implementing its plans. They bring to ISTEC their knowledge of the business world or higher education and the experience of positions of responsibility held within professional organisations.

A school that belongs to its graduates

ISTEC is one of those rare schools in which graduates play just as important a role in the management and policy-making bodies. The majority of the members of the Board of Directors are graduates of ISTEC. Former students are often the best placed to invest with motivation and complete independence in the choices of direction their school takes.

The Board of Directors is chaired by Isabelle de PONFILLY, ISTEC Graduate (class of 1986), Managing Director of VITRA France.
Isabelle de Ponfilly is also Chairman of the Board of Directors of ENSAD, member of the Society of Women in Real Estate, Co-Chairman of Actineo (Watchdog for Quality of Life in the Workplace), member of AMO (Architects and Contracting Authorities) and member of the Committee for Constructions and the Arts of the National Industry Support Society


Jean-Luc BRET: after having held the position of Chairman from 1993 to 2013, Mr. BRET, ISTEC graduate (class of 1968), Chairman and Managing Director of “La Croissanterie”, took on the role of Honorary Chairman.

The other members of the Board of Directors:

Loïc BERTRAND – Vice-Chairman: ISTEC graduate (class of 1978). Associate Director at EOS Dirigeant – (coaching & outplacement of senior executives).

Enrico COLLA – Vice-Chairman: PhD Management Science, Authorisation to Conduct Research – Lecturer-Researcher in Marketing and International Distribution and Director of the Business Research Centre at NOVANCIA Business School (Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

Stephan MACABEO – Treasurer: ISTEC graduate (class of 1986). Corporate Manager at Port Europe.

Pierre-Yves NANCY – General Secretary: ISTEC graduate (class of 1987). Real Estate and Development Director of SFD – SFR.

Madeleine BESSON: HEC graduate – PhD Management Science, Authorisation to Conduct Research – Lecturer-Researcher in Marketing at Telecom Management School.

Jean-Yves CHAUFOUR: ISTEC graduate (class of 1982). General Agent, AXA personal protection & wealth management.

Reiner GUETTLER: University Lecturer – Director of the Franco-German Institute of Engineering and Economics – University of Metz / Polytechnikum of Sarre.

Dominique de la GUIGNERAYE: ISTEC graduate (class of 1984). Sales & Marketing Director, France, of RHUM CLEMENT.

Thibaud de PREMARE: ISTEC graduate (class of 1993). Founder and Director of ELZEAR Executive Search.

Roger SERRE: ESSEC graduate. Executive Officer of the IGS group.

Various bodies also enable the key figures of the school to be represented and to participate in the ideas, direction, coordination and running of the school:

The Scientific Council:

Its role is to contribute to reflection on the role and development of scientific research at ISTEC.

Faouzi BENSEBAA: PhD Management Science, Authorisation to Conduct Research – University Lecturer – Université de Paris VIII

Julienne BRABET: PhD sociology, Authorisation to Conduct Research and Agrégation teaching qualification in Management Science – University Lecturer, Paris-Est Créteil, Vice-Chairman of the European Academy of Management, Vice-Chairman of the French Academy of Management

Jérôme MERIC: PhD Management Science, Authorisation to Conduct Research – HEC graduate – University Lecturer, CEREGE Université de Poitiers

Yvon PESQUEUX – Chairman of the Scientific Council of ISTEC: ENS Cachan – PhD Management Science, Authorisation to Conduct Research – Lecturer at CNAM and chair of Organisational Systems Development, Former Chair of IFSAM – International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management, Chief Editor of “Society and Business Review”

Denise ROUSSEAU: PhD Industrial Psychology, University of California at Berkeley – H.J. Heinz II University Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University – Former Chair of the Academy of Management

Strategic focus council

Consulting body, consisting of leading figures from the world of economics and business. Its aim is to analyse the school’s general context  (evolution of the markets and the economy, expectations of companies and the job market, positioning of higher education options and training courses, key competencies, international aspect, etc.) in order to bring out or propose strategic thrusts of evolution and positioning for ISTEC.

Expanded education coordination committee:

This is the body that brings together all the functions relating to and implementing the school’s education blueprint. It brings together those in charge of education coordination and those in charge of education management initiatives.

Education steering committee:

This is a smaller operational group. It approves the main lines and coordinates the execution of the provisional programme. It ensures the implementation and monitoring of approved projects. In the same way as it brings parties involved with certain projects into its work, the committee works closely with the ISTEC Graduates’ Association and the Department of company and partnership relations.

Research coordination committee:

Co-chaired by the Education Director and the Research Director, it also includes the Partnerships Director, the Business Studies Director, the Dissertations Director, the Lecturer-researchers in charge of research programmes and qualified leading figures.

Company partnerships steering committee:

This is an operational group that implements and monitors choices approved in the context of the partner companies club.

Class representatives:

Each year, the students choose class representatives. In addition to their task of representation and their role defined in the school’s internal regulations, these student representatives are the vehicle for institutional dialogue and a reciprocal information channel between management, students and lecturers. As students with a role in shaping education, they play an invaluable role in adapting educational systems and controlling how they function.

Student education committee:

This committee chaired by the Education Director brings together management, lecturers in charge of areas specific to the topics worked on, class representatives and representatives of the Students Association and the Graduates’ Association. Its scope of work is centred on the educational practices of the school and their evolution. Its aim is to contribute to a better adaptation of tools or of choices made by lecturers. In this way it contributes significantly to the reflection on educational innovations and to the success of implementing them.

Solidarity Committee:

In the context of the establishment’s welfare policy, the Solidarity Committee looks at the financial and welfare problems that students can encounter. Among other things, it is in charge of allocating internal grants and distributing the various kinds of financial assistance.