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ISTEC, Institute of Higher Education in Marketing and Commerce, offers high-level Bachelor’s degrees (Bac+3) and Master’s degrees (Bac+5), Executive MBAs and Continuing Education.
Students are eligible to enter the programmes following the Baccalaureate. The programmes are centred on marketing and management within an international cultural and economic context.

The basics

  • Established in 1961 and recognised by the State, ISTEC has 55 years of expertise.
  • Degree recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research; Master’s degree
  • 1,000 students
  • 3,500 employed graduates connected across the world
  • 1,500 partner companiesprovide support and guidance with work experience, block release and employment
  • 14 specialisationsto choose from in the fifth year of the Grande École Programme and 3 specialisations in the third year of the Bachelor’s degree Programme
  • 100 destinations across the worldand the possibility of studying for 3 semesters in universities abroad
  • 1 double degree with an engineering school, ENIM in Metz
  • A dynamicand thriving community life


  • Developing our students’ talents
  • Training agile, autonomous, efficient and responsible managers
  • Stimulating company spirit and a sense of initiative
  • Ensuring that our graduates are well integrated into the world of work

The ISTEC teams, consisting of lecturers, teacher-researchers and company professionals, provide innovative education, giving priority to real professional experience and personalised guidance for students in their choice of direction and the construction of their personal and professional career plan.

ISTEC places great importance on the intellectual contributions of its teaching staff who participate in the advancement of knowledge and the quality of teaching.


Respect, Solidarity, Humility.

ISTEC places special importance on an international and multi-cultural approach to management, corporate social responsibility and business ethics.

ISTEC’s goal is to enhance the development of each person’s potential and thus to enable the creation of real professional intelligence for successful integration and development in the workplace