ISTEC Research Symposium (EN)

On December 8, ISTEC organised its yearly research symposium on the theme : « Towards a  marketing and digital transformation of the company and its role ? »

This theme made up one of the three lines of research of the Center of Studies and Research at ISTEC.
Ten scientific communications were involved after a particular selection. Given the tranversality of the subjects, they were very diversified as much in terms of fields of study (marketing, economy, human ressources, finance) as fields of application (advertising and digital co-creation, client relationships, BtoB).

In a very relaxed atmosphere, talks between the audience and the presentors were particularly constructif and full of food for thought this year. The quality of the texts that are suggested for publshing in the Management & Future Academic magazine are better than ever.

(rang 3 Fnege).

The symposium work is available to download from the ISTEC site.