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Careers service

Ongoing careers advice

The careers service is actively available to assist students, young graduates and also more experienced former students who are seeking to give new direction to their career.


  • To increase the number of offers of jobs, work placements and block release training schemes issued to ISTEC by companies or recruitment agencies: over 3,000 per year,
  • To organise a “company day” every year in the school premises, where representatives from these companies come to find and recruit their future staff: ISTEC students!
  • To provide training in job search techniques through teaching and personalised advice dispensed to students on how to write a CV, cover letter and on how to approach companies and how to have a successful job interview.

To reinforce the services available to students and former students, ISTEC and APEC – the Association for the Employment of Managers – have signed a partnership agreement

Are you reflecting on your professional project? Are you actively seeking employment or a work placement?

Ask for an appointment with our Careers Officers and recruitment professionals, Karine CORVAIA LE CROM or Anne-Lise BIMBERT. After finding out your goals, they can review your projects, skills, motivations, job search techniques or even refresh your CV or cover letter and conduct a practice job interview (in French, English or German).

For an appointment, or simply to discuss your situation, don’t hesitate to contact:
Anne-Lise BIMBERT:

Discussions can also take place by telephone or by skype. (Duration of appointment: between 1 hour and 1 hour 30 mins).