ISTEC and CPMC open new DBA programs

ISTEC has been working since 2017 with a privileged partner in China, CPMC, to jointly operate ISTEC programs respecting the educational program and the quality of recruitment, teaching and performance. 63 students have just graduated from the first program: the MBA in Enterprise Management.

ISTEC and CPMC have now opened DBA programs in Finance, Intelligent Manufacturing, Enterprise Management, Education Management and more recently Culture Management. These programs are open to business executives who are assessed not only on their academic and professional profile but also on their research proposal. The latter is evaluated at the time of applications by Dr Bencherqui, Director of Research at the ISTEC. Doctoral students then work with a Tutor in China and one in France to write their thesis. They take courses in China with ISTEC professors and high-level university professors in China.

Among the doctoral student profiles:

Bin, a senior art collector and antique dealer who has joined the program to deepen his knowledge of culture, arts and antiques and imprive his academic qualifications. (DBA in Culture Management)

Yi, Director of Education, responsible for strategy, development and teams, is looking for theoretical knowledge, creative and strategic inspiration and also to become more competitive in her field. She will also be benefitting from exchanging and creating new ideas and concepts with her fellow participants and professors. (DBA in Education Management)

Xiaobing is a manager in a company that develops custom made medical machines. The DBA will allow him to further his skills and understanding in relation to the optimization of tailor-made production and to benefit his company thanks to his theoretical knowledge and application. (DBA in Intelligent Manufacturing)

The DBA program is also offered in Paris. Those interested in this program can contact for further details.