Interview of Grégoire CANET, ISTEC 3rd year student in Bachelor Program

My name is Grégoire CANET. I am 21 and currently in 3rd year Bachelor Program for a term of studies in Hong Kong and a member of  ‘Pôle Sport ISTEC’. I wanted to do some professional training and also to double my degree by doing the Bachelor and the Master grades at Istec. During this first training session, I am expecting to gain in professional and organizational working methods and also to gain in maturity.

Right now, I don’t know exactly what I would like to do but I am seriously considering, for my Professional Project, doing something in the domaine of professional sports ; for instance in the front office of a high-level sports club. My objective would thus be to integrate a high-level sports club, preferably in the USA.

I decided to leave during my 3rd year because I love travelling. I consider it as one of the best ways to discover the world and gain in humanity by meeting many different kinds of people, discovering new cultures and ways of life that we do not know.

Thanks to Mr. Patrick VABRE, (teacher at Istec), integrating  Hong Kong went very well. He helped me get set up at the beginning and also Madame Shirley Yeung, who helps me here on a daily basis. Apart from the huge crowds, it is a pleasant place to live in, since people are welcoming and the young people, though shy at first, are really very nice.

I am genuinely thankful to Istec to have this wonderful oportunity. It has meant that I meet many kinds of people, be they professionals or students. I have also discovered a whole new culture. Later on, I plan to work abroad and hope to work on various continents to continue traveling and discovering the world.