Entrance Exam
Bachelor’s degree or Grande Ecole Program


The international dimension is a priority at ISTEC!

  • The option to take courses 100% in English,
  • Semesters of studies at a foreign university
  • The importance placed on teaching relating to the international development of markets,
  • The preparation for official examinations (TOEIC, TOEFL, etc.). In 2015, as in previous years, fifth year ISTEC students obtained very good scores in these examinations: average of 820 out of 990 in the TOEIC,
  • In-depth study of foreign languages, including English, and the possibility of starting a new one (e.g. Chinese)
  • Learning about intercultural relations,
  • Teaching seminars held abroad,
  • Everyday relations with foreign students staying in France in the context of international exchange agreements,
  • The option of carrying out all work placements abroad.

Focus on the international aspect in the Bachelor's Degree programme :

The third year of the Bachelor’s degree programme is a year of specialisation.

Semester 1: Under a 100% block release arrangement (under an alternating work placement/study contract) in English in Paris
Semester 2: 100% abroad: studies in English in a foreign university and work placement abroad of a minimum duration of two months.

Specific objectives:

  • Acquire the most recent knowledge and skills in relation to international business development.
  • Identify expanding sectors, strong growth areas and innovative companies and start-ups.

Teaching given in English:

  • International sales strategy
  • Negotiation and sales
  • International invitations to tender
  • Development assistance
  • European lobbying
  • Geopolitics
  • International business law
  • Purchasing on the markets
  • Logistics and supply chain
  • Business models
  • International taxation
  • Intercultural management
  • Project management
  • Corporate finance
  • Ethics and corporate social responsibility…


One semester abroad with three months in a European capital to put your knowledge into practice and speak English in a professional context. This semester in Europe is an opportunity to experience personal growth, discover a city of business and a different culture and methods of working.

Students attend lectures on Marketing, Communication, Sales, Negotiation, Entrepreneurship, Economics and Culture in a school or partner university of ISTEC. In addition to teaching, there are professional meet-ups, cultural visits and visits to local companies. The structured and guided semester of studies abroad is supplemented by a more personal period of intercultural discovery through a work placement with an international dimension (minimum duration of two months).

Focus on the international aspect in the grande ecole programme :

The Grande École Programme offers a very strong international dimension in the form of:

  • One semester abroad in second year and in third year
  • Over 18 months of work placement of an international nature (to be carried out in France or abroad)
  • An international course taught 100% in English in fourth year: – The first semester is taught 100% in English, using an “Anglo-Saxon’’ method (less hours of classes but more preliminary work).- The teaching hours are concentrated over three days, allowing you to do a work placement or carry out other activities (personal project, company creation, student job to fund your trip abroad, etc.) during your free time. In the second semester, students go abroad to study for a semester with one of our university partners, and then move on to the fourth year work placement in a company of a minimum duration of two months.

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