Economic and Social Seminar (EN)

Last November, during 3 days, the 3rd year Master students were lucky enough to participate in the Economic & Social seminar in view of opening doors to companies and organizations  where the motivations and actions can be examples for them.

On the theme of ‘Grand Paris’ and the participation of handicapped people, this seminar aimed at   making students sensitive to their environment, devoping their involvement and vision as a citizen while including the ethical dimension.

3 areas were chosen for this edition : Mantes-La-Jolie and Val de Seine ; Mr. Séverin Racenet was responsible for this project, Paris intra-muros (4ème, 10ème, 11ème et 19ème arrondissement) along with Ms.Véronique Darmon in Saint-Denis, La Plaine Saint Denis, Aubervilliers and Mr. Guy Méral.

Several major moments took place : the conference of Yannick Ifebe, champion of fencing  handisport.  Conferences and talks with the heads of ‘ L’ESAT L’Envol’. Stories of witness by Cédric Hervé, responsable of the association ‘Travail et Partage’ ; Philippe Martins (Option SA) and Thibaut Guilluy, Managing Director of the ARES group. A speech by Ms Catherine Baratti-Elbaz, the mayor of the Paris XIIth.  district and Mr. Christophe Girard, the mayor of the Paris IVth. district.

The reaction of the students after these few days was very positif about the themes and the talks. « We discovered a reality that we didn’t know at all, which will help us to perfect our entrance into the professional world. »

The « social and economic idea » has been a deep part of the ISTEC pedagogy for more than 20 years. These seminars allow students, half-way during their cursus, to meet operational hands-on managers and give them the possibility to see the functions and justifications of these organizations..

It mainly helps students to look at others and discover the reality of the environment of companies. This corresponds to the values of ISTEC since it was set up 55 years ago. Hence, this is part of the personal development of each student and nourishes each professional project.