ISTEC offers you services to assist in your development.

  • Market research and marketing studies
  • Organise your events on campus
  • Speak at ISTEC
  • Training courses for professionals


Academic innovation to enhance your development

Would you like to optimise your strategy or measure the potential of your projects?
Would you like to bring to light your expertise and stimulate your activity?


Our studies are development accelerators for your projects. Why wait any longer? Tell us in what way you would like us to help you.
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Market research and marketing studies

Market research begins in February and the results are delivered in April
Marketing study begins in October and the results are delivered in March

A response to companies’ needs
The themes of requested studies encompass all kinds of strategic and commercial problems.
The backers of the studies receive results, conclusions and recommendations for action that are useful for the decisions that they have to make.

Highly cost-effective
The studies are carried out by groups of four students supervised by senior consultants and take place over the period of two months for the market research and five months for the marketing studies. Almost 400 hours of work are dedicated to each of the studies.

ETMA – Market research €500 incl. tax (from February to April, i.e. two months of studies)
ETMK – Marketing study €600 incl. tax (from November to March, i.e. five months of studies)

This price incorporates: a team made up of students from the Grande École course, under the supervision of a consultant, the Academic Director and the Director of Studies. This price does not include the additional costs linked to travel required in the context of the study. They are covered by the backer at its request.


ISTEC invites you through the doors of its city campus by the St Martin canal

ISTEC lets you organise your company events on campus.

What kind of events can be held?
Conferences, meetings, team workshops, client presentations, product launches, breakfasts, after-hours events… Choose an original setting to bring your partners together.

Our campus is perfectly equipped for corporate events and gives you the freedom to organise your events.
We have rooms that can accommodate groups of 4 to 150 people.
We have reception and dining areas to host your functions.
Projection screens, boards, mobile microphones, PA system, lectern, cloakrooms, etc.

Catering services
We do not impose any supplier on you for your events.
Breakfasts, apéritifs, cocktail dinners, etc.
With facilities on the campus itself, our partner Stud’Cafet offers you different buffet formulas at preferential prices. To enquire about your cocktail dinner on campus, send your request for a quote to


Contribute to our teaching:

Do you have professional experience and would you like to pass on your know-how?
Guidance for students, conferences, speeches, coaching, etc.
Volunteer as a contributor to the different events and meet your future work colleagues.

The Mentor Scheme
In choosing to become a Mentor, you volunteer to give guidance to a fifth year student carrying out their professional project, by providing a listening ear and wise advice. Discussions can take place on our ISTEC Jemmapes campus or off it, at after-hours events, via telephone or skype conferences, etc. The range of possibilities is vast.
Become a Mentor. Contact:

Professional Project Viva Panels
In the context of the Mentor Scheme, fifth years must produce a dossier which they must then present in a viva exam before a panel.
This oral exam allows them to approach their project with the benefit of your opinions and professional advice. Thanks to you, our future graduates begin their careers as true professionals.
Become part of the Professional and Personal Project Panel:

Admission panels
Take part in the selections of future ISTEC students.
Through group and individual interviews, select the candidates alongside us.
To participate in the admission panels, contact:


VAE: Work experience accreditation: Transform your experience into a degree with ISTEC!

Find out about the VAE programme: click here

Ongoing training programmes

ISTEC puts its teaching resources at the service of companies and their personnel by offering ongoing training courses in different areas of expertise:

  • Marketing
  • Commercial development
  • Management, personal development
  • Administration

Find out about the ongoing training programmes: click here