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Apprenticeship tax

Apprenticeship tax: a strategic choice

ISTEC is an independent establishment managed by the 1901 Association law

We can receive the non-quota part (A and B) of your apprenticeship tax


Taxe apprentissage


What are the diplomas and degrees under the RNCP –National Directory of Professional Certifications– of the ISTEC courses?

Category A: ISTEC is eligible for its MUM and NTC qualifications, RNCP level 3.
Category B: ISTEC is eligible for its Master’s degree from the Higher Institute of Commercial Sciences, Techniques and Economics, RNCP level 1.

How do you pay your apprenticeship tax ?

To pay your apprenticeship tax to ISTEC, you simply complete the payment slip provided by your OCTA before 1 March, stating ISTEC as the recipient of the non-quota part A and/or B.

ISTEC is the partner of a collection body distributing apprenticeship tax, officially approved by ministerial order: AGEFA

You can also download your payment declaration at:

How is your apprenticeship tax distributed?

Why allocate your apprenticeship tax to ISTEC?

Contribute to the development of the school that supports your projects!
ISTEC offers you many tools to assist with the development of your company. Recruitment, training courses, studies, events, talks, we offer you a whole range of assistance to enhance your growth. Services for professionals
In turn, you then have the opportunity to support ISTEC’s projects.

Your apprenticeship tax contributes to:
• Investing in teaching initiatives and the creation of new courses
• Helping students fund their studies and enhancing equal opportunities
• Investing in infrastructure (new premises, equipment)
• Pursuing our process of digital transition and the modernisation of administrative processes
• Developing the activities of the ISTEC Centre for Studies and Research.
• Increasing ISTEC’s visibility and image in the interests of recruitment

I would like to inform ISTEC of my payment by clicking here
When you complete a payment promise, it makes it easier for us to identify you to offer you our thanks and allow you to benefit from the services intended for you.

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Private institution of higher education
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Programme Bachelor, diplôme reconnu par l’Etat, inscrit au RNCP niveau II
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