ISTEC seminar

The C.E.R.I/C.S.R.I. (Centre of Studies and Research of Istec ) will be organized on December 8, 2017, its yearly seminar on the Campus Jemmapes of ISTEC. The main theme this year will be : « LUXURY : STAKES, DARING and PERSPECTIVES. »

A trans-disciplinary theme that is open to researchers, practioners, consultatants and journalists, to think about and publish various communications linked to the area of luxury.

The proposed issues are : the change in luxury demand, appearance of new luxury brands, new luxury purchasing consumer behaviour, a far younger profile connected to luxury consumers, numerisation of this area and counter-feit.

Mr. Daouda Coulibaly, Professor-Researcher at ISTEC and organizer of this seminar is available for all those who would like to contribute to this event :