Entrance Exam: Information

The written exams can take place in the town/city of your choice, with the ‘Entrance Exam Team’.

The oral exams take place on the ISTEC campus in Paris.

When you enroll on the site, you choose:

  • The same date for the written exams with three Business schools and an exam center in (Paris,
    Lyon, Toulouse, Rennes…..)
  • The date for the oral exams. Several dates are available and you can sit this exam on the same date as the written ones.
  • Lunch is provided by Istec, on the campus, for the students who sit all the exams on the same day

As of December, applicants can apply for entrance in September 2016.

The five tests of the entrance exam are as follows:

These five tests are as follows: duration coefficient
1 – Written tests

·         POST-BAC TAGE (Entry to first year)

the Post-Bac TAGE [Business Management Aptitude Test] consists of two parts, corporate communication and qualitative and logical analysis for business.


·         TAGE 2 (Entry to second and third year)

TAGE 2 consists of three parts: oral, arithmetic and logic.

1h20 3
2 – Written test of the TEAM Examination: English
The test takes the form of a multiple-choice questionnaire and is designed to assess grammatical knowledge, range of vocabulary and candidates’ capacity for understanding a text.
0h30 1
3 – Written test of the TEAM Exam: 2 mandatory options

·         Option 1 “International Perspective”: choose from German, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Russian or International culture

·         Option 2 “Science and Culture”: choose from mathematics, digital culture or economics and sociology

0h30 0.5
4 – ISTEC oral test: Group interview

  • Preparation of a specific case subject (30 mins)
  • Group interview on the specific case (30 mins)

This interview aims to assess candidates’ ability to integrate and work in a team and assess their social behaviour, self-control, exercise of autonomy, responsibility and imagination.

1h 1
5 – ISTEC oral test: Individual Interview

  • Preparation of a subject of general culture (15 mins)
  • Interview on the subject of general culture + interview on motivations (30 mins in total)

This interview assesses candidates’ knowledge of general culture, their main areas of interest, human qualities, capacity to put forward proposals, ability to present their ideas in an ordered fashion, ability to succeed in their studies at ISTEC and capacity to hold future positions of responsibility in a company. The interview takes the form of a discussion with the examiners, which, in particular, covers candidates’ backgrounds, their motivations for wanting to attend ISTEC and their plans for the future.

0h45 4

Once the tests and assessments have been completed, the candidates are classified, taking into account the overall average obtained in the tests with application of the coefficients.
The admission panel draw up the final list of admitted candidates according to merit and the number of places offered.