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ISTEC General Assembly Network


ISTEC General Assembly Network

Voted and approved !

The moral and financial 2016 report of the Association of Qualified ISTEC students was presented by the Qualified Team to members who all voted and approved. It was a positive conclusion with various actions, efficient and useful for the qualified students. The key words to remember are : participate, share, federate, network.

The means : events, career services, directories, Istec network groups and the social networks…. Three Degree-Holders have joined the office of the Qualified students. See more on their site.

The General Assembly of April 25, was followed up by a passionate and brilliant conference given by Jean-Marc RICHARDI (ISTEC 1986) on his professional experience at Kodak, then Apple, as Director of Sales and also an artist. During the cocktail that followed, we were able to admire his exhibited work on the campus.

Bravo  to the Artist ! For more information, contact Claude WISDORFF (ISTEC 1984) General Manager of Istec Network.

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