Join ISTEC’s VAE (Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning) programme

ISTEC puts its teaching resources at the service of companies and their personnel by offering continuous training courses in our areas of expertise: marketing, business development, management, personal development and administration.
VAE and training courses leading to a diploma or qualification are offered to you to boost your career.


A real boost to your career, the VAE allows you to obtain a Bac+5 degree – (Master’s level).

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What is the VAE (Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning)?
Act no. 2002-73 of 17 January 2002, known as the social modernisation law, introduced accreditation of prior experiential learning, which is an individual right of the person provided for in employment legislation and education legislation. In this way, the VAE allows the full or partial award of a professional qualification degree, diploma or certificate.

Who can obtain the VAE?
Anyone with a minimum period of work of three years wishing to obtain a degree that is recognised by the State and by companies: endorsed at Bac+5 level by the Ministry for Higher Education and Research and conferring a Master’s degree – accredited at level I (highest level of qualification) in the RNCP – National Directory of Professional Certifications.
The work (professional, for an association, voluntary), may have been carried out in France or abroad and must be directly related to the content of the qualification sought by the candidate. One application only, for the same qualification, may be submitted per calendar year and up to three applications may be submitted for different qualifications in the course of a calendar year.

What is the process for obtaining your VAE?

  1. Download and complete the Admission booklet (Booklet I)
  2. Examination of your Admission booklet by a committee (fee applicable) – three possible results:
  • Acceptance: we ask you to complete the Accreditation booklet (Booklet II)
  • You are directed to a VAP – Accreditation of Professional Experience (decree of 1985). This procedure, if it comes to a successful conclusion, allows the candidate to apply to the entrance exam in the establishment without having to prove the level of studies or degrees and qualifications normally required.
  • Refusal
  1. Guidance (optional, fee applicable) in completing Booklet II and in preparing for an interview with the Panel We provide you with support from professionals to assist you in the completion of Booklet II and your final interview with the Panel.
  2. Evaluation of your application by the Panel (fee applicable); invitation to attend an interview; three results are possible:
  • Full accreditation: the candidate obtains the ISTEC Bac+5 Master’s degree endorsed by the Ministry for Higher Education and Research and accredited at level I (highest level of qualification) in the National Directory of Professional Certifications – RNCP.
  • Partial accreditation: the panel informs the candidate of the experience or training that he/she must obtain. Accredited modules retain their accredited status for a period of five years.
  • Refusal

How to fund your VAE

It is possible, depending on your status, to obtain different types of assistance:

For employees:
• Funding by the company via the training plan or the CPF (Personal Training Account)
• Funding through the company contribution collection bodies (OPACIF, Fongecif, etc.)

For jobseekers:
• Possible funding by the Regional Council
• Possible funding by Pôle Emploi (French employment office)