The boundaries between the world of business and the world of education are gradually breaking down as the need for postgraduate training increases in a constantly-evolving world.

It is ISTEC’s belief that it is no longer necessary to cease your principal activity or to dedicate yourself full-time to your training in order to take a high-level MBA course enabling you to develop and breathe new life into your professional career.

With this in mind, and with the benefit of many years’ experience, ISTEC offers Executive MBAs abroad with a partner in various fields in which it has developed advanced know-how and expertise.

General terms

ISTEC Executive MBAs represent 450 hours of training and are equivalent to 60 ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System).

They are accessible to candidates who already hold a Master’s level (bac+5) degree or equivalent or who have significant professional experience: examined on a case-by-case basis pursuant to the VAP provisions (Accreditation of Professional Experience).

ISTEC also offers its Executive MBAs abroad through a “corporate” curriculum:

This curriculum is primarily aimed at companies and organisations wishing to offer a group of employees the means to progress and develop via an Executive MBA course suited to their requirements.
A teaching programme is proposed. Its framework is adaptable in terms of schedule and intensity, in accordance with the company’s wishes and limitations: Full-time or part-time Executive MBA: weekdays, Saturdays, evenings, etc.
In accordance with the agreed choices, the course is held over a period of 3 to 5 months, with no requirement to carry out a specific in-company project to render the MBA valid.

Contact: Alain FRONTEAU – Development Director – a.fronteau@istec.fr