Enroling with criteria of excellence

In order to underline the achievements of applicants who have proved their motivation, their learning capacities and have succeeded their exams, Istec offers a specific procedure of entrance on the criteria of excellence.

Conditions of access :

  • 1st year : open to A-Level students who can prove their high marks from their studies in metropolitan France, equal or higher than 13/20.
  • Parallel entrance into 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5thyears) : access to students who have high marks, equal or higher than 13/20 during the last three terms of their studies.

Means :

  • Send the proof by e-mail : l.fabri@istec.fr
  • Photocopy of I.D.card (or passport)
  • For High School students, : last two years notes of subjects studied (1st and Last year) and expected A-Levels results
  • For students : last three terms notes of their cursus
  • File expenses : 50€ (Free for those who have a grant + proof of latter)
  • After having studied the request, an individual interview will be held on the ISTEC Paris campus or by visioconference
  • The jury will announce its decision within10 days.

If the applicant is accepted,he/she will confirm the enrolement at Istec and his seat will be booked for the requested program.
The final confirmation will take place once the A-Levels have been passed, or the degree, or the number of ECTS credits that are necessary to enter Istec..

The applicants who benefit from enroling with excellence at Istec can also concentrate on their class studies without having to go through the different steps of an entrance exam or an APB procedure.

This specific procedure aims at encouraging variety among the recruted profiles at Istec and to praise the integration of the best students.